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     In Ruth 3, we see a model for how to help another person be redeemed as Naomi directs Ruth to her kinsman-redeemer. Naomi’s directions to Ruth are really directions for us. Let me ask you, do you feel confident in your ability to lead someone to salvation? Do you have lost individuals you pray for by name on a daily basis? Do you ask God to help you find ways to love that person and lead them to their redeemer? Join us Sunday as we explore how Naomi and God work together to bring about redemption for a foreigner named Ruth.  Who knows, we may yet learn something that will help us bring someone in our lives to redemption!


Life Group Questions

Ruth 3 – Giving Directions to the Redeemer


  1. Can you identify the steps Naomi took that led Ruth to her kinsman-redeemer?


  1. What steps did Ruth take to connect with Boaz and encourage his redemption of her?


  1. How does Naomi’s directions to Ruth shed light on our mission of redemption?


  1. How do you think Boaz’s heart made receptive to redeem a young Moabite girl who was probably 20 years his younger?


  1. Jesus prayed that laborers would be sent to the harvest fields. Do you sense there’s something wrong with the number of laborers working in the harvesting of souls? Has something gone wrong with the harvest?


  1. When you think of the word “evangelism” what images or phrases come to mind first?


  1. Do you think Christians need direction or training to be effective evangelist?