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This Sunday, we will conclude our mini series devoted to exploring God’s image and how that image is best expressed, not only through Christ, but through us. What we discover is that God’s glory doesn’t radiate necessarily from beauty and strength, but rather, from frailty and weakness. What a paradox, and, what an encouragement to those of us who wonder how God could ever use us to display His glory and strength despite our frailty and weakness. Come and be encouraged as we see the glory of God’s image unveiled in human flesh. The challenge is to be His Image Restorationist in the lives of others.



Ice Breaker: When you think of times when God’s glory is manifested or revealed in scripture, what moments come to mind?

  1. Why do you think God forbids the drawing of an image or crafting of a sculpture to depict His image? Consider Exodus 20:4-6, Isaiah 40:18


  1. Although Genesis doesn’t describe Adam and Eve as being clothed in light, do you think that’s possible; and if so, do you think their luminous image changed after the fall?


  1. How is the attraction of Jesus different from the attraction of many celebrities and politicians?


  1. Who does Jesus most identify with… the powerful and influential or the weak and lowly? Why?


  1. How does the unattractive nature of Christ encourage those who are poor in Spirit?


  1. In what sense is God’s strength manifested more through weakness than through beauty, strength and human ability? 1 Corinthians 12:7-10, 24, 1:26-29, 2 Corinthians 4:7-10


  1. When God sees you, what image does he see? When you see others, what image should we focus on?